hi, i have an asus vivobook s510urr notebook which suddenly does not recognize the ssd. furthermore, the uefi bios settings are locked by an administrator password which I cannot reset. i tried with alt + R but it doesn’t work.

@sbrando Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
What lets you think, that a BIOS modification may solve your sudden SSD detection problem?
I suspect either a hardware (SSD), a storage driver or a boot sector issue, but without any additional information (mainboard’s chipset, OS, SSD connection and data transfer protocol) it is not easy to help you.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

hello you’re right, I gave little info. the ssd is working (I have tested it on other pc). the bios is completely blocked, I can’t change any settings. I do not know what to think. my ssd He is a m2 sata (crucial MX 500) but he is not the problem. If I understand correctly, an admin password has been set which does not let me change the settings. My notebook has an i5 8250u, an Nvidia 930mx, MB is x510urr with bios 310 of 10/29/2021


Is this situation new or has it already been before you ran into the SSD detection problem? Have you recently flashed an updated or modded BIOS? If yes, why and how did you do it?

I haven’t updated, or done anything to the bios. This problem came suddenly. The only thing I have done is replace the keyboard with one that is probably not original but that works Perfectly. I have currently reinstalled win11 on the hard drive.

Who set the password? Why is set? Check HW mboard schematics and reset it.
Have you tried another disk on the M.2 slot?

EDIT: Set again user pass and set all to blank, there is some options in modern bios notebooks that come out from gray when passwords are set.
As Fernando said, its hw slot issue or lock to boot device.

in the past i had the user password but i never set the admin password. I have not tried other ssd

I solved it by trying to insert numbers at random. after several attempts I arrived at 0 0 0 0. in this way I was able to remove the admin password. anyway I don’t know how I did it To fit in by itself