Help me! Can't Clear Me for Zbook Power 15. AMT error

Post or attach the dump you’re working on.

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this file.thanks bro

Seems that later FIT 15 versions are more sensible regarding correct settings. Config should be consistent regarding AMT settings so for disabled AMT you have to disable network services and manageability application, too.

Is this an original, unchanged dump?

do you have any workaround for this case? pls,help me thanks!

Is this the original dump? It has some inconsistent configuration.
To build this image you have to set Manageability Application Supported to “Yes” or set Intel ME Network Services Supported to “No”.
Also you have to set Integrated Sensor Hub Supported to “No” on Integrated Sensor Hub Tab

Yep, but has a ISH PDT Binary file (looking like something else) but no ISH firmware binary??

That’s why I asked, too, if this was the original file…

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yes this file original.Before i remove Bios on mainboard then
program save file.and Load new Me firmware but not working! Bro can do fix or mod file ,thanks!