(Help me) How to modify default bios value of Main Gigabyte H110M-DS2

Hello @Fernando
I want to ask you to help me with a problem that is to modify the default BIOS value of “Lan PXE boot option Rom” is always Enabled as attached image.
That’s the main gigabyte H110M-DS2.link bios me to the attached item.
Thanks .


mb_bios_ga-h110m-ds2_f24.zip (5.37 MB)

@ducdo.tc - Here you go, flash via Q-Flash - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…395827523834095

@ducdo.tc :
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Please follow the advice given by Lost_N_BIOS.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you very much @Lost_N_BIOS
I want to modify the bios for other motherboards. Can you guide me to modify the bios with the UEFI Tool or MMTool?

@ducdo.tc - You’re welcome! I used UEFITool and hex editor, about 6 areas are edited for that edit, so it’s not really ideal for me to try and show or explain all the edits - sorry It would take lengthy guide and several types of edits written out in big guide.
If you need me to do on other boards, I can do if you want? If yes, give me models and BIOS links

Can you help me modify these bios?
Gigabyte H310M-DS2 :

Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS
You help me to modify the bios of these motherboards:
- Gigabyte H310M-DS2 : https://www.gigabyte.com/vn/Motherboard/…support-dl-bios
- MSI H310 Pro VH Plus : https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/…-PLUS#down-bios
- Asus H310M-K : https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-…/HelpDesk_BIOS/
-MSI H110 Pro VD Plus : https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/…PLUS-#down-bios
- Gigabyte H110M-DS2 DDR3 : attach file
Thank you very much !

mb_bios_ga-h110m-ds2-ddr3_f20f.zip (5.37 MB)

@ducdo.tc - Ohh man! That is a lot of BIOS, why so many different boards, do you run a company or something?
Is wake on LAN already enabled in all these, just need to enable the PXE Boot option, or are you not sure and I should check and enable that too as needed?

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS
I am a cyber game technician.
My devices often have a bios reset to default due to CMOS battery or other causes, they cannot boot using the "PXE Boot option Rom" function because it is disabled.
I want to make it default to "Enable" by modifying the default BIOS. My Cyber has the motherboard types as I listed.
Please help me to modify the above bios so the "PXE boot option rom" entry is always "Enable"

CMOS reset due to battery?? Replace those batteries, you can get them cheap if you buy 10-20 at a time, let me know if you need a good place to buy
OK, will do these BIOS for you soon I may have time tonight

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS
In addition to the CMOS battery, there are many other reasons for the BIOS to be restored to the default, but my customers do not know how to set up the BIOS, although I have instructed them many times.

@ducdo.tc - Ohh yes, I know what you mean there! So I don’t get lost, can you put all those into a single archive for me, and upload to tinyupload.com or uploadfiles.io - never mind, I will do
Thanks! Also, I already did H110M-DS2 so you can leave that one out of the list/package, or is that not same one you initially asked for mod BIOS from?

Gamers should know BIOS, or they should loose their titles

* Edit - Ohh man! I did entire batch… HPET Hard disable… … instead of Lan PXE boot option Rom enable!!

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS
I sent you the original bios file to modify “Lan PXE boot option rom” : https://ufile.io/tvn6ol77

For the Asus, I assume you want #2 below enabled, but what do you want #1 set to?

1. Boot from Network Devices - UEFI or Legacy (or ignore, I assume you don’t want that ) - Default = default at optimal, but enabled at fail safe
Select the type of the onboard LAN controllers and installed LAN cards. Network devices will run the selected type during the system boot.
[Ignore]: Accelerate the boot up time without running network devices during POST(power-on self-test).

2. Network Stack Driver Support - Enable/Disable (disabled = default at optimal, but enabled at fail safe)

OR, do you only need #2 above set to enabled + Realtek PXE OPROM enabled (default = disabled) OR just << this enabled?

Same for the two gigabyte’s, I assume you need #2 above enabled, or just LAN PXE Boot Option Rom enabled like the first one I sent you?

Sorry for all the questions, all of these BIOS have VERY different settings and terms for some of the same things.
For the two MSI boards, I just enabled LAN Option ROM, but the Gigabyte and Asus have different terms/names of settings and it looks like other stuff needs enabled too (ie network stack, but this was also disabled in first Gigabyte BIOS so not 100% sure)

Dear @Lost_N_BIOS
I just need you to modify for the items I have marked in red on the image (Lan PXE option Rom) to default as "Enable" (the default of the original bios is "Disable").
Note: + Mainboard Gigabyte " Lan PXE boot option rom" =Enable
+ Mainboard Msi : "Lan Option rom" = Enable
+ mainboard Asus : " realtek PXE rom "=Enable

Asus H310.png

GG H310.jpg


msi H310.jpg

@ducdo.tc - Thanks for images, and confirming setting names per BIOS etc Asus, RealTek LAN enabeld by default, so only need to set RealTek PXE OPROM = Enabled.
Here you go >> https://ufile.io/q6ehn2ox

You may have issue with the Asus board, if this system does not have USB Flashback, I didn’t check. If it does not, you need to dump each systems BIOS region with FPT and then I’ll guide you through how to do that and unlock things to allow mod BIOS region flash back.
The bad thing here is this would have to be done on a per-system basis, one at a time, otherwise you will loose all board specifics. OK, I checked before posting this, and there is no USB Flashback on that Asus

You can try this method, download the tool package attached to this thread, and then do the flash as outlined in the last spoiler (that’s all you need to pay attention to in this thread, the last spoiler for flash method)

If that does not work for you, then we can only do on a per-system basis, if you need to do this let me know and I’ll post you the info so you can dump BIOS region and unlock BIOS/SMI Lock so you can flash back

Thank you @Lost_N_BIOS very much .

@ducdo.tc - You’re welcome