Help me identify chipset for my motherboard

Sorry if this seems really silly, but I just want to be sure.
I have a supermicro X9DR3 motherboard that has a C606 chipset

1) So do I get this driver: Intel RST(e) drivers v13.1.0.1058 WHQL dated 05/28/2014 ?

2) Is the C606 = X79/7 series chipset?

3) My mobo manufacturer (supermicro) is showing on their website that the AHCI driver I should use for this specific mobo is from intel. But I thought was officially no longer supported by intel?
So should I change from to Intel RST(e) drivers v13.1.0.1058 WHQL dated 05/28/2014 ?

4) What is the best way to install AHCI/storage drivers? I only ask because I know when installing new drivers for my graphics card I should be making sure all the previous registry files from the old driver are deleted too via some programs like driver sweeper in safe mode. Is that necessary for changing storage AHCI/RST drivers as well?

5) Also the v13 driver mentions that I need to have RST enabled in my bios for it to work? I don’t think I have RST option in my bios?

EDIT: Also what does the Intel RSTe software do? I don’t need it right?

It is similar to x79 but it’s 6 series.

It’s the same Patsburg chipset as X79, but aimed for server marked and Xeon CPUs.

So should I install the RST(e) v13.1.0.1058 driver?

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Here are my answers to your questions:
1. Yes!
2. Your mainboard has a C606 Chipset. It is very similar to the X79 Chipset and belongs to the Intel C600 Chipset Series (and not to the Intel 7-Series Chipsets).
3. I recommend to install the Intel RST driver v13.1.0.1058 WHQL.
4. The best way is to install the Intel AHCI driver manually from within the Device Manager (by doing a right click onto the Intel SATA AHCI Controller and choosing the option “Update Driver Software”).
5. There is no need to enable RST within the BIOS, if you are running the Intel SATA Controller in AHCI mode.

The RST Software is running in the background and monitoring your Intel SATA AHCI resp. RAID Controller. It is not required at all, if the Intel SATA Controller is running in AHCI mode.
1. Better performance
2. Easy driver update (no need to uninsall the previously used one before)

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Wow, thanks so much Fernando!@

I’m so happy you took the time to answer my post! I’m sure you must feel like you’ve been repeating yourself on what must seem like basic information to you for years now on this forum lol

So thanks so much for taking the time to help just one more person out!

I just have 1 more question if anyone can help.

When installing the new driver through device manager do I install the iAHCIC or iASTOR file?

I am using a single 850 pro 1tb SSD


Anyone know which driver file I use for just AHCI mode?

As the file name already indicates, you have to take the iAHCIC.inf.