Help me modding Asus B150 And Asrock B150 . One work but only detect 1 dimm ram

Hello again
I have 2 mainboard B150 ( Asrock B150 Gaming k4 using DDR4 and Asus B150 Gaming D3 using DDR3 )
I mod my cpu like this .

When i plug my CPU to my Asus MBoard. It work but only detect my Dimm1 DDram. when i plug ram in dimm2 -> 4 my mboard do not work. My fan cpu spinning but no signal
When i plug my CPu to my Asrock Mboard. My fan cpu and fan psu spin like a little and stop. Nothing happen.
Please help me . I am very aprriciate .

Test Asus motherboard with stock BIOS compatible CPU (non-coffee/non-modified CPU). IF there, only one DIMM detected properly, then you have bent CPU socket pins, or some resistor/trace/other issue with board/DIMM Slot.

FD + ME region of BIOS need written with coffee BIOS mods, this is not possible without pinmod to unlock FD, or flash programmer, that would be why Asrock board fails to start

I tested the mainboard. It just working fine with G3930 . It must be problem with cpu or bios

I already mod my mainboards with bios which is create by allinone tool.

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Your reply is too vague for me to reply?? You tested what board, for what issue, with G3930? Do you mean the Asus board, you tried with G3930 and all memory shows up OK? If yes, may be something with your CPU or taped off areas (need more, or you covered something too much etc)

AIOTool mod BIOS means nothing here, for Coffee CPU to work you need to write FD and ME BIOS regions from the mod BIOS, stock flashing tools/methods cannot do this.
As explain in PM, you need flash programmer or pinmod to unlock FD and allow writing to FD/ME regions. Otherwise mod BIOS is not 100% flashed in (only mod BIOS region, not FD or ME region, which are a MUST for this to work)