Help me pick a GPU for Win7

Can someone help me decide between a 3090 or a 6900 XT for Win7? The 3090 has the advantage that it gets driver “updates” until 2024 and more VRAM, but AMD has the advantage of ReLive, better raster performance (I don’t give a damn about raytracing) and a much more slick driver UX.


whichever you can get for MSRP
don’t reward scalpers.

I won’t buy any GPU in the near future unless my RX480 shits itself or something, but when I do i’d like something that still supports Win7.

Nvidia is also dropping support for Windows 7 very soon.…nd-october-2021

NVIDIA. AMD’s last drivers will soon be obsolete and buggy.


At least NoVideo has the upside of drivers being moddable rather easily, so even after the end of Game Ready support for <Win8.1 I think I can mod the Win10 drivers to work under Win7.

I’m very interested in seeing if you’ll be able to do that!

Taking your advantages into consideration, I would pick the AMD card. Outdated drivers aren’t going to be a major concern for a some time (5-6 years).

AMD abandoned Windows 7 drivers long back, unfortunate move really a massive shame as the RDNA2 6000 series is a raster monster plus DX11 HW scheduler and yep modding Nvidia is probably easier than AMD. Nvidia on the other hand has the last Driver from Sep 2021, 472.12 is the last driver branch for Windows 7 PLUS it’s the last driver which is non DCH/UWP garbage standard driver made. Any GPU launched from Oct 2021 will never have a non DCH driver and no more Win7/8.1 at all… RTX 3090 should serve a long time. I do not intend to play much games since they are radicalized and have an agenda forth. I have an insane backlog so going to stick with old games on Windows 7. If needed an LTSC Win10 for those few games which offer real gaming experience into escapism like STALKER 2 from GSC and some miracles if they happen from Japan. Finally GSync on Windows 7 means you need a hardware module based monitor else GSync will not work as it uses WDDM2.0 which is from Win10 only. So get those expensive 1080P or 1440P GSync Ultimate ones.

Really good summary.

Hi, me from the future. I ended up going with a 6900 XT Toxic EE.

also @Win7Ashtrix so much for that STALKER 2 lol, GSC GW isn’t the same GSC as it was in 2007. You really expect the (((gaming industry))) to shit out actually good titles these days? No, everything must be politically correct and god forbid if you make fun of (((kikes))) or their golems.

Switched from RX6900 to 3090 Ti.
Very satisfied - security updates till oct 2024.