Help me pls to bios hidden options unlock

I’ve been doing several tutorials for several days to try to modify my BIOS (ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus) but without success.
I wanted to show the functions that are hidden in the bios, at first I was interested in disabling HPET and LTR. both are hidden in the BIOS and via SCEWIN as well.
Can anyone help me with this mod? I would really appreciate it!
BIOS download page

The AMIBCP 5.x tool can show the details… or partial. The tool is not valid for mods in modern AMI V bioses.
To mod/view strings, variables you need to HEX edit them and IFR extract tool, look on forums for similar information on similar user requests and the IFR tool, AMI tools can be found around the web.