help me.. Realtek PXE ROM issue...

There is a compatibility problem with the PXE Booting feature.

To resolve this, you need the efi undi driver v2.035 and the PXE LOM v2.56 version.

Please share with efi undi driver v2.035 and PXE LOM v2.56.

efi undi driver v2.035 and PXE LOM v2.56 The firmware versions below are also fine.

Download link please.

@woogangwoogang :
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Why do you want outdated versions of the Realtek LAN BIOS modules?
Attached are the currently latest Realtek EFI UNDI v2.045 and the PXE LOM v2.66 BIOS modules.
By the way: The update can be done very easily by using the UBU tool. You can find the download link to the UBU tool within the start post of >this< thread,

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Realtek.rar (77 KB)

Thank you.
Version 2.66 is also incompatible.
Version v2.56 below is required.
Help. T.T

All I can do is to extract the Realtek LAN Option ROM v2.55 from an old BIOS.
Is it that, what you request?