Help me with a problem for motherboard MSI ms 7693 ver 2.0 (970A-G46 – MSI)

Friends of the forum, I have been requesting your great help, I have a motherboard MSI ms 7693 ver 2.0 (970A-G46 – MSI) which doesn’t post me BIOS, it turns on, but it doesn’t beep, it doesn’t give an image, it doesn’t show anything about the BIOS the bad thing is that it is a motherboard that requires yes or yes a graphics card, but it turns on the LED indicator lights and also the processor cooler.

My intuition and little knowledge tells me that your BIOS is damaged, but the problem is that I can’t find it, buy a new BIOS chip to program it again, someone has the .BIN of that motherboard, so they can provide it to me if necessary possible .

I am very grateful in advance if you can help me. Thank you very much!!

If not using APU processor it requires a GPU, doesn’t beep so doesn’t process, now if doesn’t process it does not mean its bios, it could be VRM failure, 3,3 to ram/pci/southbridge, 5v rail etc…
BIN file is possible to obtain from MSI bios update files, a backup of the current SPI ia advisable.

I understand your point friend, the motherboard has an FX, and it doesn’t have any input to connect any video input if it’s not with graphics, I really don’t know much about it, I thought that putting the BIOS back could save it, I I put a graphic and its fan turns, but it does not give video, it does not post BIOS and turns on the processor cooler and others, about the BIOS on the MSI page there is an .exe but the .bin is not there, and I try to extract it with 7-zip and it won’t let you do it.
Anyway, I appreciate your help and being able to answer my question.

Again… almost 99% sure that its not a bios issue, was common on these chipset/motherboards, a power rail/vrm fail. Probably you will notice that the southbrige and the cpu wont even get hot.
Here is a pure extracted bin/rom for programming and guidance in how to extract it.
[Problem] How to Modify an MSI Bios EXE file - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (

Well, if you already have a CH341- so what, dump the bios and have a look into it.

Had just one short look on the pic of the board, maybe there’s even a header (JSP11) so that one wouldn’t have to use the clamp…

(But I agree, chances are slim that it’s just the firmware…)

Friend, I appreciate your knowledge, although the two chipset heatsinks both heat up, although I do not notice that this happens in the processor, unfortunately I do not know how to solve the problem or see what should be verified, if you can tell me what I should check, I would appreciate it a lot of friend I took out the FX 8120 processor and mounted it on a friend’s motherboard and if it starts and it’s correct

Friend I appreciate your knowledge and help, of course if I attach photos of the motherboard.

“Friend” this is a task for a user with some knowledge of board diagnostic, schematics reading and proper tools.

What is all those photos needed for hum? Do you see any component visually damage?
Do you expect to see, if visible cause usually you dont, any damage still with the heatsink and cooler still mounted ???
This is defently not for you…

By the way… we can say that this forum is not really dedicated to circuit repair/diagnostic, there are other forums with better info.