Help me with mod bios asus b150 running coffee lake

Hello every one . i need some help with this.
I am modding my mainboard asus b150 pro gaming d3 . I used allinone tool to create new bin file . I use AFUwin.exe to flash new file which i renamed to .rom . But i still cannot use my i5 9400f. When i plug my cpu i cannot even start the mainboard.
I use tape to cover cpu like instruction.

@malon525 - You really need flash programmer, so you can flash the FD and ME regions of the BIOS. AFU is not used for this process, at all, ever.

It can be done with FPT, but you need to be careful and you have to do pinmod first to unlock FD. Unlock FD, flash back in unlocked FD, then reboot and dump full BIOS with FPT, modify with AIO tool, reflash with FPT

Pinmod is shown here @ E.1, then unlock FD as shown in section “B”, then re-edit your BIOS with the AIO tool and flash back in.
[Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing

FPT is dangerous to use, if used incorrectly, and to do pinmod you have to physically short pins on the board while powering on (you can kill your audio chip or board if not done correctly)
It may be best for you get a flash programmer (like CH341A) and U Type Chip extractor if your BIOS is in a socket, if it’s soldered to board not in a socket then you need SOIC8 test clip with cable.

Also, no one can see your image, even if I follow the broken link it wants me to sign into google to view. So if you want anyone to check your tape work, you need to upload to some other image host like or attach to the forum thread using advanced reply/attach image

That image is not good enough for me to even see the pads and what you have covered or do not have covered, it looks like it may be OK though. Unsure how good tape like that works for something like this though, have you see anyone else using scotch tape?
Your pencil connection doesn’t look dark enough either, but I can’t really tell that from an image anyway.