Help microcode update for Quanta

So another system totally (Different model). I may not be able to fix USB issue then, I will look though, but may be better for me to see why this BIOS works and the other doesn’t
Right now, I see same Intel ME, so that is not an issue. In that V2 BIOS, 306E4 microcode is 2013 version, maybe that works better/only for your CPU vs the 2018 version. They finally fixed their own FIT table on the v2 BIOS, so I don’t think me fixing that caused the mod to fail.

I think we should try your original boards BIOS with the same 2013 306E4 microcode instead of the 2018 version I put in there. If this fails, I’ll see about USB issue, but really all I know to do on that is copy one module from BIOS to BIOS.
I know someone here that could possibly help recode the USB data in v2 BIOS to match your board USB Locations etc, but he’d most likely need the system on hand to gather data, possibly not though maybe you could give him in images if he’d be willing to help. I’ll ask him if we have to go there

Your CPU is retail correct? Stepping SR1AX or SR1A6, or are they ES/QC confidential CPU’s (QF89, QEN1, QF6T)?
If ES, then we need other microcode too (not just 306E4), that may be why v2 BIOS work for you, if your CPU’s are not retail, that BIOS contains ES 206 microcodes too. So before I redo BIOS, let me know.

I have CPUs with stepping SR1AX or SR1A6. I’ve tried replacing of whole module with microcodes from v2 BIOS with FIT table fixing but no luck

Since your CPU’s are retail only the single 306E4 microcode is required in that regard. There may be some other CPU related modules required though, or some hidden CPU list checked against.
Lets try only that 2013 microcode in your original BIOS, then if no luck we can look into fixing the V2 BIOS USB for your board. Will post BIOS tonight for you, checking on one other thing first.

there is hope ?

@Nippy - Sorry, this thread got lost on me and you didn’t post back so I never saw again till now, very sorry about that!

Here is BIOS mod I did before, but like you said you tested, I did change all microcodes to match same one as the quanta V2, maybe error when/way you did before?
If this fails, then we’ll look at fixing USB for the V2 on your board instead, that is only issue now using that BIOS on your board correct?

Excuse me. Are you send me this fix v2 bios? . now this adress is not available.
i’m korean. forgive me. help me please. my e-mail adress is

@tatoos00 - here is BIOS from post above #25 (This has 2013 306E4 microcode, if you want 2018 check other post I made before this BIOS was added, on page one I think - yes, post #11)…500495743315998