[Help Needed] Asrock FM2A75 Pro4-M MAC, UUID etc

Welcome guys!

I need little help with my board. Before successfully updated all rom in my bios and working, but after (idk why) i want to update microcode also in bios with UBU tool. Something wrong happened, UBU tool successfully update microcode, but after that i got black screen. Purchased CH341A and dumped bios with flashrom, created 3 backup, all verified. Now i need help to next step to somehow write UUID, MAC etc that needed to work bios. Anyone can help me, such as @Lost_N_BIOS ? Really appriciate it!
Here is my dumped and new bios, and also the stickers images from my motherboard:
Btw if can update properly microcode to latest version which is working, i buy a beer :smiley:

Please report this UBU Failure on the UBU thread, since AMD microcode editing is new I think @SoniX wants all reports of success and failure, thanks!

What is backup BIOS? Is that before you flashed the UBU modified BIOS? And new BIOS is the modified BIOS flashed, that bricked, now dumped?

Backup bios is UBU updated not working dump from chip with CH341A. Newbios.bin is updated with UBU just only without microcode update. That was working before i flashed with updated microcode, but here is original bios: http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/BIOS…-M(2.60)ROM.zip

How did you create the newbios.bin, what is the original source, stock BIOS or from an actual backup you made (if yes what made backup) and then edited? And same for the backup BIOS UBU edited, what that sourced from a backup and if yes what made the backup, or stock?

I think I have what I need to fix now, backup BIOS dumped from chip should have correct locations for me to fix in a new BIOS, but above info would be good to know still too. Will work on this, but heading out soon, so may not have a BIOS done for you until tonight, about 10 hours from now.

What does LAN MAC ID Show up as right now in IPConfig /all

I cannot find in your backup BIOS, so this might be a tough one to fix!

The new bios from the Asrock Site i linked above 2.60 bios,and updated with UBU, but Forget that newbios.bin :smiley: So backup bios is dump from chip with CH341 which i got black screen, its UBU microcode updated. Working backup before, i dont have (my mistake). I want now first to create stock bios which i can program to bios chip, but i read i need to copy UUID, MAC, serial etc. to work properly. Thats why i upload bios dump, maybe it’s in it and copy to latest 2.60 rom. I contact Asrock support for proper bios bin, but i only got it:
Dear Customer,

Thanks for contacting ASRock!
The BIOS file for instant flash is bin file format.
Please download from following link.

Best Regards,


The microcodes themselves are inserted properly, so something in the replacement process of the AmdProcessorInitPeimPEI module, or in saving the mod BIOS/rebuild is what failed not the microcode insert itself.

You can boot without UUID, MAC Etc, I need to see what MAC Shows up as now, since I cannot find your mac in the backupbios.bin dump, it’s probably there but I can’t find just yet.

They are slacking, or just don’t want to help! Stock BIOS is in capsule format, like Asus (4KB Encapsulated bin)
Here is stock BIOS bin file, unzip and program this and tell me what MAC shows up as in ipconfig, thanks

If the above fails to boot after programming, then we know the cause of the original issue, UBU capsule removal method for this particular BIOS is not correct.
I used 1.69_17_4 and 1_70_rc12_3 and compared, both output same in hex, for your reference SoniX

Thank you, really appriciate it, finally working again! MAC uuid all is correctly, i checked with ipconfig /all and aida64 too. Now i have 2 backup :slight_smile:
By the way, can you help me to properly update all ROMs and also microcode on latest bios file?

Woe, that’s surprising! So your Ethernet via onboard LAN is working now? If yes, great!

Go ahead and update all your roms like you did before, since that was working, and then once I see what SoniX says about why the initial error I can update the microcodes for you. I need to know what caused that to fail, so it’s not the same moves I make manually.

*Edit - SoniX laid out how UBU does the modification. Since you have programmer, I can do the module replacement using another method, and also a second edit by direct hex.
So if you are up to do some quick testing and recovery if necessary, maybe we can narrow down the problem and get your microcode updated. If you are willing to test these BIOS let me know and I will create

Maybe write protected area on bios chip? I dont know, im surprised also, just flashed your linked bios and working. :slight_smile: Yup i reply also other topic, really want to help for testing UBU tool for amd. Really appriciate, i can test your 2 method.

I doubt that with programmer, you write the entire chip. Maybe it’s stored in NVRAM outside of the BIOS chip?
OK, thanks for being willing to test, I will create some BIOS for you to test tonight

@PREM1Z - Here is three test BIOS, one edited with MMTool/Hex, other direct hex edit, the final via hex and PhoenixTool combo

All may fail, or maybe all will work OK? I corrected a data header checksum, which may not be done by UBU during it’s edit (not sure, the file you sent checksum is not the same as what I used for same edit, but??)

I dont know how, all of them working. Maybe when i create my own before, something happened (not correct checksum or instant flash not write properly). Now i updated all roms also, without amd gop, and fully working everything, idk how but now so much smoother and faster PC, or just placebo :smiley: Really appriciate for your help!

You’re welcome and thanks for testing them all @PREM1Z Surprised to see all are working properly! It must be the checksum then causing failure in UBU edits.
This was not correct in UBU edited BIOS (although it was changed/updated by UBU, but value is not same I got). That, or something else UBU/UEFIReplace does on it’s rebuild messes something else up?
I will let @SoniX know in the UBU thread, with more details so maybe he can possibly make UBU do the proper corrections

*Edit - I see in your [Offer] BIOS thread you mentioned AMD Gop Driver update not done, did you have issues there or do you need help with that, or did you mean you were testing things yourself before sharing publicly?

Now included GOP also, just i dont have time to test it, but now all working properly, also with GOP.

Good to see you got it all by yourself, and thanks for sharing for others too!