(Help needed) ASUS Prime Z270-A BGA 1440 ,GPU's do not work

Hi there , I have had a Xeon E2286M for some time and unfortunately no gpu works in it ,but nvme m.2 drives clearly do work and I think I modded the bios correctly (GPUs work in another pc ,all are AMD)
Tried all PCIe slots ,Different BIOS settings…What could be the problem

try cpu or motherboard swap. if you tried all pcie slot(whatever x16 , x4 or x1), i suppose it is a motherboard issue. if you only tried x16 or x8, then i suppose it is cpu’s problem.

No risers so i didnt try x4 but it all worked fine before flashing the mod. I also read somewhere that some guys also had gpu not working on bga1440

On R7 250 1gb I can bootup but crashes after exactly 5 minutes. Works incredibly slow and unstable. RX 6600 8gb just gives me white led (no vga + stuck in bios)

so i misunderstand your definition of gpu not work.
try set peg to gen2 or gen1 and try again with your rx6600.
will the e2286m work before you flash the mod? if so, why you flash?

Will try ,thanks
Bruh ,of course I have to flash it so that the BGA1440 cpu would work , before I had i5 7600 and RX 6600 worked ,upgraded the cpu ,put the gpu and it doesn’t work now

Tried the peg thing and other pcie settings without help.
Tried my oldest gpu , Nvidia GT 520 and it works perfectly, doesn’t make sense considering rx 6600 and r7 250 works in other pc, to add insult to injury gt 520 uses all x16 lanes. It hates amd gpus I guess?

Actually gpu z reports only 4 lanes smh ,while bios says x16
something is dead wrong