[Help needed] In search of a controller

Hello everybody!

I have a non standard situation. I ran out of SATA Ports on my motherboard. I need to attach 2 more SATA drives, my SATA DVD-ROM + SATA mobile rack (Orico 1106SS-BK). I am limited to UEFI-only, since I do not want to use "Legacy boot" + and one or two PCI-E x1 slot(s).

I need to set up a RAID-0 of two HDDs and connect my DVD burner plus my mobile rack. There is two options:

- A) buy two different 2-port SATA controllers with AHCI and no boot support. Which can you recommend?
- B) buy a single 4-port SATA card with no boot support but with RAID support for me to use first two SATA ports for my HDDs and two more for my DVD-burner and a mobile rack. So, I will run 2 ports in RAID and two other ports just as HBA to connect a burner and a mobile rack. Does such controllers even exist? If so, please show at least one of them for me to buy.

one of the most flexible controllers currently available at a reasonable cost is the adaptec ASR-71605, this card supports up to 16 SAS/SATA drives
has raid 0/1/5/10/50 (and several other raid modes) and has TRUE JBOD SUPPORT, (just a bunch of drives) that uses standard SATA/AHCI protocol
can use Raid/JBOD at the same time, and uses a super cap instead of a expensive battery for data backup/ cache you will need a pcie-3 x8 slot for this card

currently the card with the batt/cache module can be found for about 70-90 dollars on ebay, the card has full OS support of common operating systems

card can run in UEFI or Legacy


What about boot time? In my storage system I have a Adaptec 12port of the 5000 series. 51205 or something. great RAID controller sure… but on boot it needs a long time to initialize.

idk if this matters but you only need to worry about boot support on the drive you’re going to boot from. i doubt a situation is going to arise where you need to boot simultaneously two drives as it’s not possible. the o/s is going to find the drive either way for general use. (edit) for raid questions the short answer is you don’t need to have all ports part of the raid array.