[Help Needed] MSI Z97 Pc Mate TPM 2.0?

can anyone modded the bios of this motherboard, to support tpm 2.0?
The module supported by this card is this: MSI 914-4136-105 TPM 2.0 Module Infineon Chip SLB 9665 TT 2.0

The Bios currently detects the module but does not recognize it, and on windows it is not detected. I attach the latest version of the bios…

7850v4B (1).zip (5.99 MB)

No, it supports TPM 1.x modules, not 2.0, besides a compatible header it doesn’t work and no mods were successfully done for old boards working with TPM 2.x modules, at least to my knowledge.

EDIT: What modder? Where? Some Z97 models or some MSI models supports it and MSI even launched some bios files for it, upon direct request from users to their support channel.
I dont see nothing relevant referring to a mod on the bios screenshot, looks normal features on standard TPM.

this modder seems to have managed to add support for tpm 2.0

sorry, don’t let me insert the link,
a user here on the forum, the post is titled [OFFER] Asrock z97 aniverssary

[OFFER] Asrock z97 aniverssary

This is no mod to TPM, seems it was a beta bios update from Asrock that now to support TPM2.0 from TPM1.1, he then updated other modules and its ASROCK NOT MSI.

EDIT: I do remember a user here on the forum that asked a bios update to MSI for his H97 motherboard and the y gave him a non-public bios to support TPM2.0, you should do the same.