[Help needed] Remove whitelist or add GPU VEN ID into BIOS

Re. Hello,

I would like to bypass the GPU check process or just add the GPU ID into the BIOS file.

Since the GPU I wanted to install is a MXM II card just like the previous one. The newer one fits well but no display after starting up the laptop. Computer turns on and fan spin. It stays on and do nothing because of black screen since it’s a newer GPU.

Here’s my laptop specs:

-Manufacturer: Medion
-Motherboard Model:RIM 2050
-Bios revision: MED0F04
-Bios Type: Phoenix
-Bios Download Link:

-Current original card: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_01D8&SUBSYS_2054161F (Geforce GO 7400 64MB DDR 64 bit DX9c)

-Card to be added: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0649&SUBSYS_90131043 and SUBSYS_10DE061C (Geforce 9600M GT 1GB DDR2 128 bit DX10)

Next, I have opened a hexa editor, tried to find the corresponding PCI VEN ID in hexa of my MED0F04.ROM. Nothing so far, no results.

I then tried to search strings like “7400” and “VGA”. I did found something interesting.

It’s all about between address 0xCC2F0 to 0xCC700. I have found the string NVIDIA , 7400, the VBIOS numbers/caracters of the Geforce GO 7400 (strange, that the laptop BIOS checks the GPU’s VBIOS caracters).

Exemple starting from address line 0xCC420:
Copyright (C) 1996-2005 NVIDIA Corp.

All I know, is that we can open the BIOS with Phoenix BIOS editor and with a hexa editor software.

Please. If you could really help me, I’ll be thankful, since I cannot find any threads about this laptop. It’s been a few days I’m trying to find someone who could help me, still no one.

I’m trying my luck on this forum. Hope someone helps me!

Here’s the BIOS Download link:


Anyone? I would appreciate if someone helps me about that subject.