[HELP]No Display after a Enrolling Custom Keys in Secure Boot

After Enrolling Custom Keys signed from Arch Linux and enabling secure boot,
My System is unable to output display to the following areas:–
1. Any CLI Interface (e.g GRUB, TTY)
2. Boot Device Menu
3. UEFI Setup (Bios Setup)
4. M-Flash Mode to Flash BIOS

I dont have onboard graphics and the GPU is unable to output graphics to above areas
Please anyone can confirm whether i have to flash the bios using CH341a or the MSI AMI Bios is Flashable at all?

Specifications :-
MSI H410M PRO VH (Code - MSI-7C89)
Intel Core i3-10100F (F model is without iGPU)
NVidia Geforce GTX 1650 Super
500GB NVME M.2 Drive

So after i did some searching, I found out that mobo will output cli and bios on igpu when secure boot is on.
Cant i do anything else but to buy a new mobo or a new cpu with igpu
I thought this forum was active, but no one has replied to this post.
Even if anyone cant find solution just let me know if the MSI bios is flashable through ch341a with the ami uefi bios file downloaded from official website