HELP, Old or modded bios for x79 Extreme3

please, does anyone have older bios for Asrock X79 Extreme3 ?
I ordered MB with ver 2.9 and uploaded 1.6 (found online, updateted via windows, asrock .exe), but I cant run my ES cpu anyway. Maybe I need older.
CPU was working on sabertooth x79, v 1203
cpu is 0x206D2 QA91

regular xeon 2620 (6core) works fine

any help will be apreciated ( I see donate here :slight_smile: )


Here u go, from Asrock X79 Extreme3 bios 1.70 to 2.80 (Oficial WIN/ROM versions)

@MeatWar ,
that is so nice, thank you

I can test like 1.7, but I was looking for older one, as 1.6 doesnt work for my cpu.
BTW whlie flashing in windows, there was some warning to not override something (I guess soem intel firmware part to keep), so I accepted. ( your sistem might not work if not accepted…it said)
So maybe if I try once again 16 or 1.7 with full overwrite?
BTW how is it when going from 2.xx to 1.xx ? that was the warning message about? like rom vs bin with other boards (asus)??

thank you nicely

Well that warning is about Intel ME FW… due to already been updated to a more recent version than the ones original in updates files.
And yes it can break the system.
The OS independent update is always recommended.
Ill share a new file with with more older ones…give me 20m plz.

EDIT: 1.20-1.60 bios

Asrock BIN files usually r from their WIN EXE extracted, ROM for Instant Flash