[HELP] Optane Optane Unsupported system BIOS

Hi all. Pls help me. My mb is Asrock b360 gaming K4. Bios ver P3.10
I cant enable my Optane memory. After get support in Intel communities, the best answer is contact Asrock to get the recommended BIOS configuration or a BIOS update but Asrock to slow for solve this.
I have updated EFI & OROM ISRT RAID to but cant solve that problem. So can I mod bios to solve that problem ???
ROM from Asrock website



You’re first image shows BIOS is not updated roms yet, did you apply the changes (both EFI+Orom) with UBU and flash the BIOS?

I am not sure if “Secure Boot Mode” needs to be enabled, maybe in order to disable CSM? @Fernando will probably best advise you on this when he sees the thread

You need to set these settings in BIOS, in regards to your second image
Boot >> Boot >> CSM (Disable CSM)
Boot >> Boot >> CSM >> Launch Storage Option Rom Policy (Set UEFI or Do not launch - I think UEFI try first)

If above are not in this location in your BIOS, sorry I cannot view actual BIOS, only what’s hidden and visible together in BIOS and I don’t know what is hidden from you. So above may be incorrect location for those settings for you to see, if so, it will be these below instead.
Secure Boot >> Enabled
Advanced >> CSM >> Disable CSM
Advanced >> CSM >> Launch Storage Option Rom Policy (Set UEFI or Do not launch - I think UEFI try first)
Advanced >> CSM >> Boot option filter - If above two changes only fail to work, also set this one to UEFI only

Thanks for your advice, but it 's not work :frowning: . I applied the changes (both EFI+Orom) with UBU and flash the BIOS and now my RST is
I tried all the cases with Secure Boot and CSM >> Launch Storage Option

Sounds like you did not make the correct changes when updating BIOS during the modification then. Start over with new BIOS copy, and make sure files you are replacing are the version you want (Open with notepad or hex editor you’ll see version info legibly)
It should be working with 16.5 though, are both modules now 16.5 shown as current version in UBU? If yes, then that should be OK version to use, must be some other BIOS setting needs changing. You may have to wait for Fernando to advise you.

On the only setting you mentioned, CSM >> Launch Storage (Did you set this to UEFI)? If yes, try DO not launch next (We want CSM Disabled)

Can you make me a mod bios with RST upgrade? I found that rst was updated to 16.5 in bios but I’m not sure it is correct. This is the original bios: http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/BIOS…K4(3.10)ROM.zip


I have seen this thread and read the posts, but I cannot give any advice, because I don’t have any experience with the Intel Optane Memory technology (look >here<).

Thanks Fernando, I was more thinking you could help with the specific settings he would need in BIOS, errors and info in first post images lead me to believe you’d know best on which settings are needed (Along the lines of what I was trying to say might be the ones)
I believe it’s similar to NVME, and needs CSM/UEFI settings a certain way and certain RAID Rom into BIOS as specified by the images in post one.
He has update RAID Rom, but I am not sure if it’s correct type orom/EFI and not sure which to update for him if I did it either, info says 16.02.3402 or later, which he has now, but unsure what he did with UBU and it’s EFI/Orom offerings, and latest BIOS image he provided does not help.

If you could advise him on BIOS settings for this, like NVME needs I believe, and then let me know which EFI/Orom needs updated I can do that for him.

I updated EFI and OROM with same version. But have some line on picture make me confused, i dont know it done ??


Throw that BIOS away and if currently using the latest UBU already, you will need to do this manually with MMTool most likely. If not using latest UBU get latest and try again
That is a bad error, do not flash. Please post about this error in the UBU thread and maybe @SoniX can fix issue for you