Help Please for boot Asus Pro WS C621-64L and Xeon 8160

Hello everyone I am exposing you a problem I have in my possession an asus Pro WS C 621-64L Sage with a xeon 8160 platinium I updated the bios because I stuck on an error code 04 following the update the day of the bios I almost shouted victory unfortunately now it hangs on the error code 67 I first thought that I had a ram problem, I have 4 x 32 gb which works correctly on an X99 asus j 'I still bought a ram of more than 64 gb I took al pain to check the compatibility of all my ram and despite all this I do not start all the equipment and new I do not have what to do I call for your help by thanking you in advance to know that since my purchases I have been sweating because I have put a lot of money into it

Hi friend,
it depends by EC , System Bus , etc, so you can use many tools to check compatibility of RAM modules.
From producent there isn’t any indications about it?
It needs to get all informations, use HWINFO64, AIDA64, CPUz, etc and gathering all informations the post them here …