Help,Quanta Amiapiov bios,modding System Info and Baseboard Info

I has a Ami Apiov Bios, Ami Ver 2.17
Bios Down Link :

Bios File

I want to edit the information of Manfacturer and Product.



Find a strange thing. :I Use DmiEdit 522 modding and Success,But Data is restored back at restarting computer,


I try DmiEdit 5.22 and AMIBCP to modify.
None of this can be modified.
These data are not strings.
Which module are these data in?
How to edit them?
What tools should I use?
How can i do that?

Somebody help me?

very very thanks!

@playzhou - This can be modified with AMIBCP in the DMI Tables areas, however only some software/apps etc use this info, it can also be stored in other areas of BIOS too.

What do you want change exactly, and what do you want it changed to exactly? Tell me that, and I will edit above linked file and then tell you where the info is, how to edit etc.
This differs for all BIOS, not always same method to edit, or same locations in BIOS etc.

I want change
[Type 001] – System manufacture = “ZhiYuan”
– Product = “G10L1”
[Type 002] – Baseboard manufacture=“ZhiYuan”
– Baseboard product = "G10L1"

That’s all.


What are you looking at the info in outside of the BIOS, like what program do you check the changes with (HWINFO64, or AIDA64, Windows System info etc)?

Dump BIOS from actual system using the included >> AFUWINx64.EXE backup.bin /O

Then send me that, the info you are looking for is not in stock BIOS, so it must be maintained in the NVRAM or other region in BIOS on the board.

I use dmiedit or AIDA64

THE INFORMATION in DimEdit_tool is


This is the original information.

my backup bios file :

backup.rar (3.88 MB)

I don’t think this data is a string.
I used WinHeX、UEFITool to search for the modules.

Thanks, I will check and get back to you. I wasn’t looking for strings This data in general is just not in stock BIOS, that’s why I wanted a dump instead as it must be there and then stock BIOS update leaves in place as it updates (like MAC or serial etc)
Do you have flash programmer? Does this board have two 8MB BIOS chips, or a single 16MB? ME FW does not take up entire 8MB of remaining space, so if two chips data could also be stored on the chip with ME FW contents too.
Anyway, I will check the dump and get back to you later tonight

* Edit @playzhou - this is not a BIOS Dump, unless at some point in the past you programmed in stock BIOS with FPT or flash programmer and erased your NVRAM volumes?
If you have flash programmer, please dump chip and send me that. If you do not, please wait, tonight I will find correct V3 SPS ME (GR) system tools for you to dump BIOS with FPT
I have two versions, one I know wont work as it’s for Denlow systems, the other I am not sure about, please try -…637956149959251

This must be ran from Admin Command prompt, not power shell. Or run in DOS or EFI Shell if you do not have ME drivers installed, it wont work in windows unless you do

Dump via >> spsFPTW.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

Unless plutomaniac sees this and sends the correct version to you first, I may have to ask him via PM for the package anyway if I can’t find it

very thanks。
I have flash programmer :AFU 5.11 (DOS/WINx64GUI) and AFU DOS 3.05 (It can use /GAN parameters)
The BIOS chips is a single 16MB, WINBOND W25Q128BV(16m)

I used spsfpt backup the bios in UEFI SHell


This is the manufacturer’s BIOS file
manufacturer’s bios DownLoad

biosreg.rar (3.88 MB)

I’ve already sent the little I have from SPS in the past.

I just tried it:
spsfpt.efi -f biosreg.bin -bios
Can’t flash and Prompt error.


The biosreg.bin is use ssfpt.efi -d backup
This is what causes it

@playzhou - Thanks for SPSFPT backup at post #8, I will check it. Flash programmer I meant is a hardware thing, like CH341A ($2.60) for example. Do you have that?
If you do not have these items, you may need to order one so we can be sure what’s going on here. If BIOS is in a socket you also need “U Type Flat IC Chip extractor” $1, if BIOS is soldered you need “SOIC8 Test clip with cable” $3.60

Are you the sole owner of this board, and if yes did you purchase it new or used? I don’t need the manufacturer BIOS, you already sent me that at post #1
Did you ever flash stock BIOS with hardware flash programmer, or use /GAN with stock BIOS before? If yes, that may be why NVRAM volumes are missing, or if you are not original owner for boards total lifespan, then someone may have done this or as mentioned above in the past sometime.
We need a full complete dump of the BIOS, which without a pinmod you usually can’t dump with software. Do you see any 2 or 3 pin jumpers on the board with label FD/FDO/Service/ME etc?

As for your last error at post #10, be careful, that is expected, no one told you to flash anything with FPT. So be careful, only do what is mentioned, you can brick your board in an instant if you use that incorrectly.
This is the only command I wanted you to run, and then send me that file (Which you did at #8) >> spsFPTW.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

I checked, FPT dump is more complete now, but as suspected I can tell at some point the BIOS was flashed incorrectly using some method to put in stock BIOS improperly, so one entire NVRAM volume is lost.
This does not matter to your main issue though, this data is stored on chip, so it’s either in the current BIOS region dump you sent at post #8 or it’s in the other half of the BIOS which we’ll have to either pinmod to dump, find jumper, mod BIOS, or get hardware flash programmer.
Let me dig through this a bit and get back to you. -

* Edit - never mind, found it right away now! It’s in the current remaining NVRAM area, what do you want it changed to?
However, without programmer you may not be able to get edited BIOS back in easily. I see stock AFU package command has it flash NVRAM (via /N switch), so that may work if you are able to use this file to reflash (may not be possible if security check)


"Quanta” change to "ZhiYuan"
"S2B-MB(dual 1G LoM)" change to "G10L1"

thanks so much!

I have this


and this


This clip can hold only 8 - foot chips.

This bios chips is 16 - foot.

Must be welded down to read

You need SOIC16 test clip then, instead of the SOIC8, let me know if you need a link to one of those on ebay.

It’s already ZhiYuan + G10L1 (x2 - twice) - that is what you had me looking for the entire time??

This is first time you’ve mentioned you wanted to change Quanta + S2B-MB(dual 1G LoM), I never looked for either of those in other BIOS, you never mentioned this???

S2B-MB(dual 1G LoM) << This is LAN adapter/Rom info

Neither of those values are in this BIOS, show me where you see this on your end (in unedited images)



i see it in dmiedit

The old data is "Quanta.D51B-1U" ,I want change to "ZhiYuan.G10L1"

It may be that I made multiple changes and caused the data to be confused

Quanta may be correct in that DMI image info, but this is wrong info/detection >> S2B-MB(dual 1G LoM) << This is LAN adapter/Rom info
Anyway, none of that is in this BIOS dump, you either need to dump entire chip, or it’s possibly stored in some other chip (I even checked serial number and UUID from there, not in this BIOS dump)

ZhiYuan + G10L1 is in the FPT dump, two times, in NVRAM DMI Variables (First volume if you open in UEFITool)

* on your edit above, I do not see >> Quanta.D51B-1U << in the image you provided above
And yes, since you’ve been messing with BIOS you may have messed it all up. What do you see in DMI tool from that image now? ie are those new/current images you’re showing, or old images?

the images is new showing

When I gave you the BIOS files yesterday.

You Can search for “*****”,Maybe I modified it,But’s Wrong

I could always see the image (by clicking on it) What I meant was, in that image, this info is not there >> Quanta.D51B-1U

Yes, in your FPT dump ZhiYuan + G10L1 is there in NVRAM (x2 - twice). What I meant was, take new images, with your DMI program, do you see your changes now? Show me new image, with BIOS you sent me in post #8 flashed in only (No changes after that)
If all still looks same, nothing you can do until you get a programmer and dump the entire BIOS, so we can see if it’s there, or possibly on some other chip entirely.

[[File:1 (2).jpg|none|auto]]
I can’t weld this chip
so can’t read the BIOS use CH341


And I use Manufacturer BIOS(16mb) to flash the Bios.


AIDA64 Information after reboot

Motherboard’s Product ="S2B-MB (dual 1G LoM) is ture

Motherboard Name It’s not read.
Maybe, as you said, somewhere else
and been destroyed by me

1 (2).jpg



For that you need this, used with CH341A -

Now, send me BIOS dump (FPT) after you did the flash shown above (With no other BIOS edits by you).

Welcome to Playzhou ! I have a big request to you: could you share the program DmiEdit or tell me where you downloaded it ?. I’d really appreciate it. Because I have a fee with a lost UUID and a serial number. Thank you very much in advance.