[Help request] Asus Rampage VI Extreme Omega bios issue


I hope I created this thread in the right place unless delete please.
My system R6EO mobo with 9980XE. Bios 3403 modded.

My problem is, I was updated my bios before from 802 to 3403 (bios from asus website non modded versions) then I couldnt OC my cpu without using Turbo mode which was working before with 802. If I simply want to set the core speed by sync all cores example to 4.5Ghz then it shows 2.6Ghz in bios but runs at 3Ghz when the system is running "checked with HWinfo64". Also, if I want to set adaptive voltage to Core input, it has no effect. If turbo mode enabled it push up my core speed to the required speed but its still showing 2.6Ghz in bios.

Ive tried everything like remove battery, cmos, flashback to older versions, re-installed OS, etc... No luck!<br /><br />Do you guys have any idea whats happened and how can I fix it?