[Help Request] Asus s551lb Bios bricked

Hi, I’m new here! Hope someone can help me. I have a Asus s551lb with bios bricked and I new to flash new bios, I hv a ch341a programmer and dump the bios before erase, I try to flash but laptop doesn’t turn on, just keep blink power light. Can someone help me? Thanks

If flashed with Asus bios file from page product, will not work, they are not full SPI bios images, just updates, lack of Intel ME.
U got to get hold of a full dump.

where can i get a full dump? i download one of 8MB, but my dump wasnt good and i erase the bios. Now im stuck

U were already stuck if ur original bios was corrupted or chip failed… so nothing new.
Get it from a donor and clean it, buy it (file or chip or both programmed).
Wot was that 8Mb u downloaded? A dump? Exactly same machine HW model and bios version?
Do u know how to identify the SPI bios chip and verifying the correct integrity of files and flash procedures…this is not a ride in the park for users with no experience on this subject.
Lots a details differs in various recoveries cases, so sometimes its not a simple operation for exchange messages.
Go read and learn from several identical cases around forums.

Hi thanks for the reply @MeatWar ! Yes i buy it, it’s a dump but i dont know how to clean it. It’s winbond 25Q64FV, if u interested i can pay 50€ for the help, just need to now how i prepare that bios, i know how to flash it, its not the first time i do it. Already google it and search from several foruns The original problem was the intel ME, but i didn’t check if my dump was okay, and it wasnt… that’s the problem

Usually…it should be clean, whenever is sold…or did u bought this as a regular dump from a user machine, wrong buying…never so.

Clean it then: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization