[Help Request] Clean Intel ME Region v12.0.0.1069

Can you help me find this file?
Does it need a programmer?

acer nitro 5 an515-52-74p5 series n17c1 dh53f la991p

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It doesn’t necessary need an SPI programmer but always a tool to consider…they r not expensive and things doesnt always run as we want so…
As long as u can dump and write with Intel FPT tool as primary option when unlocked.
Follow the guide: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization
Preserve an untouched backup/dump for any eventuality that can occur.

EDIT: Oh u went to a tech… so go to him again.

Same machine?

If the link to the Acer page is for the correct machine, then the bios contains a complete Intel image, ME region should already be clean.

What were the other two links? Did you dump your the original bios?

Yes, this is the device
BIOS flash has been done

I went to a technician and he fetched the file from one of the sites

I have a late take off
blue screen
6G graphics card became 3G

Impossible to comment without knowing what precisely has been done and what images have been flashed. Make a new dump of the firmware that gives you these problems. Do you have an old dump of the original firmware?

One of the technicians said he needs me region
The old bios file was not saved before flashing

Bios 1.05 has a complete firmware image with ME, some padding before (0x9730F) firmware image and after, but shouldn’t be a problem for a technician to extract the ME region.

Is it possible to solve the problem with Windows or not?
Do I need a clean file or not?
Where do I find this file?
Does the programmer need?

lfb6 already told u that the bios file version 1.05 in the product website is complete and has a ME FW image on it, so wasnt this that ur tech guy asked u? There u go now…
Ur tech will do flash/programming as he want, ask him.

thank you
But what should I do, I’m not an expert in these things
Do I have to download version 1.05 and I think it is not possible to go back to it

You opened a new thread regarding a clean region ME 12 that your tech needed and you got the answer where to find it. Otherwise: