[Help request ] EPSON PERFECTION 1640SU windows 8.1 x64 driver -[SOLVED]

Its my 1st time i write here, i watched a lot of thread about setting windows 7 in new hardware - i gave up and stick to 8.1 that seems pretty good to me
i have an Epson Perfection1640SU scanner since i was in XP , when i move to windows 7 and i found driver solution for them, ( as new member cant write the link )
but unfortunately this trick dindt work on 8.1, i will appreciate any help guys
With respect to the great work that you do here!

* my English not the best/sorry if something looks strange

you tried this trick but with the 8.1 driver? https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardwa…html#post823505
alternatively there’s Vuescan if you can afford it.

yes, that was my 1st post so i couldnt post it
i like to transform things, i have another machine with windows 7 (q6600) so i can manage it …but i prefer that to work with 8- sure it will … i dont give -up
with the vuescan cost i can buy a new scanner
thx for the response!

Finally worked under 8.1
i found useful help here
and this can be a template for all old (and still well working Epson scanners) under win 8.1(prooved) and 10
all u need is

1. this one driver

2. Unzip it and edit the file Es27.inf which can be found in the extacted epson12180_twain_driver_and_epson_scan_utility_xxxx
Please replace all the occurrences of
And save the file.

3. Since your forged driver is not signed by authorized organization,
you should disable signature verification on Windows.
Please refer to the following website to disable driver signature verification:
i used the testmode option

so the procedure is
a. Disable signature verification on Windows (needs a restart)
b. Plug the scanner -it should appear under other devices in device manager
c. Update driver using the modified Epson Perfection 2400 driver
That s all