[Help Request] HP Pro 3500 MT BIOS Recovery

Hello all,

I am new to the forum as this is my first post but have read alot of posts here, which were very informative!

Currently I am trying to recover the BIOS of a HP Pro 3500 MT motherboard (H-CUPERTINO-H61-uATX rev. 3.20). When I power it up there is no screen, only 8 beeps which indicates there is something wrong with the BIOS.

I found a tutorial to flash the BIOS via the ROM_RECOVERY header (https://vdhout.nl/tag/ch341a), but I can’t get my CH341A programmer to recognize the chip.

The programmer I use is an CH341A Black Edition, with 20 cm female to female 2.54mm jumpers. I have made sure the right connections were made, but when I try to read the chip via Flashrom for Windows or CH341A software it keeps saying: chip not detected. Once I saw in flashrom that there was recognize a “general SPI chip”, but it couldn’t read or write (because the model was not detected probably).

I made some pictures how I connected the jumpers.

Any help would be really appreciated! :slight_smile:

Jumper connections on CH341A programmer:

ha ha i have same pb, you have find the issue?

Try using the CH341 programmer software, this worked for me and has auto-detect function. If it is detected, then download the bios ROM from the HP website, and save the ROM file. Open this in the programmer software, and flash it.

If the chip is not detected, then check the pin out of the BIOS chip, and check your wire connections too.