[Help Request] Option ROM Modules of ASUS M5A78L BIOSes

Hi, i try to MOD ASUS M5A78L series MB BIOS. so download BIOS file from official website www.asus.com
The MCE open file OK,as below


But open with MMT v3.26, get error, How can I update microcode like this ROM?


Besides, PCI ROM function looks ok


in ROM file, there are two useless PCI ROM VEN&DEV 1002:FFF1 1002:FFF2, extracted and open with notepad

U獀辇                  ?    IBM?              761295520      ?      ?      08/20/09,01:33:53   閿 椐   ?                                      RS780 PCI_EXPRESS DDR2 
B27732 RS780 DDR2 200e/500m

(C) 1988-2005, ATI Technologies Inc. ATOMBIOSBK-ATI VER010. BR33818.002 492434 116173 B27732\config.h $ ATOM 繽R?? ? ?ò PCIR? v ^
€ ATI ATOMBIOS f"G? V?丩P ^fPfQfRfSfUfVfW??鑸
Seems like 780G or ATOM graphics card ROM.

The official ROM file can be download at >>M5A78L LE ROM<<
And there is a V2.0 version of the motherboard, its ROM can be download at >>M5A78L LE R2.0 ROM<<

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The 2 Option ROMs named “FFF1” and “FFF2” seem to be vBIOS modules for ATI/AMD Radeon RS780C graphics adapters.
Please attach the original BIOS or post a link to it.

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Has some risks…look here: https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-A…M-LX3-MC-Update


or put a [REQUEST] here: BIOS Modding Requests

The user Genius329, in the link provided is also a member of this forum, he may help if he can.