[HELP] Restore UUID, S/N, etc. after flashrom

Hello, I updated my BIOS with flashrom and lost S/N, UUID and everything else that was unique to my motherboard.
Fortunately I created backup of my [previous (5216) BIOS], its size is 32 megabytes, now I need to somehow copy all unique info from it and paste it to the [latest (5220) BIOS].

I opened my backup with FD44Editor 0.9.2 and it showed me:
- Primary card MAC
- System UUID
- Motherboard S/N
It also said “Module data format in opened file can’t be fully detected”.
I need to keep my warranty, so a service center should not know that I used flashrom instead of EZflash, thus I need to restore EVERYTHING that kept my motherboard unique.
What else apart from specified above may be unique to the motherboard? How to find it and paste to the new .CAP file?

Thank you for your help!

@Y01 - Yo!!

Please send me your originally dumped BIOS before you used flashrom, and I will make new BIOS for you to flashrom in again.
Or, it can be put in with other methods if you don’t want to flashrom again, but they may be more involved and you may have to do certain technical things in order to be able to flash in the modified BIOS.
Easiest for you will be to flashrom again with a fixed BIOS

I was convinced that the only way to update BIOS without ANY issue (like having leftovers/traces from previous BIOS left after updating it with regular means like EZflash) was to use Afuefix (if it’s 128Mb) or flashrom (256 Mb). No one told me specifically that flashrom would completely erase my warranty though.

Thank you for being ready to busy yourself with my BIOS backup, but since I want to update BIOS with flashrom everytime, I will need to either have you doing it everytime ASUS releases new BIOS or do it myself, so it might be more convenient for you to tell me what to use and how so that I will be able to do it myself everytime when needed and will not ask you to do it every month or two.

@Y01 - sorry for delay! You have been convinced incorrectly, you do not need to use flashrom or AFU to update BIOS and remove all trace of older one. AFU and EZ Flash both erase old as they write new, except for system specific details such as what you’ve lost here.
So you do not need to flashrom every time, but if you want to that’s up to you. I need your original backup to look at, find the details locations, and then I can show you how to fix so you can do each time