[Help] Serial Number and Model Number missing in bios from brand new Lenovo Legion y540

So I just got a new Lenovo Legion y540 and I found out the reason that the auto update utility and other Lenovo apps dont work, is because the serial number and model # in the bios are listed as “INVALID”. Can anyone help me change these? I have the actual serial number and the model from the sticker on the underside of my laptop (and the bottom of the box).

EDIT: Also just a side note, I don’t need someone to do it for me. I was really looking more for the correct tool and command format. Just a little push in the right direction.

If it helps, I have a flash programmer dump of Y540 bios


Can you please send it to me. The support person couldn’t find a right utility

@FarGate - This has to be done by hand, with hex editor, then programmed in with FPT or programmer, then after that normal BIOS update tool would work properly.

@Hyppo - Thanks for offering dump to him, I have one too, so between us we’ve got this covered.
Do you know the serial for the dump you have? If yes, I assume it’s in 2nd padding of BIOS region, correct? I see system info there in dump I have, but am not sure this users serial so can’t be sure exact location/bytes without your confirmation (or you send me dump you have and it’s serial)
Not sure FPT can flash BIOS region on this model, someone will have to test mod vars edit flash in and see if we can unlock it or not. Do you have this model? If yes, do you want to help work that out with me, if not I’ll have one of these others do it and see if we can make it happen or not.
I have two sets of Lenovo tools for this too, not sure if they work on this model, have you tested those and this model? If those work with this model, then users can use those to put in their 10bit serial.

@vaflikwppl @shadows - Please wait until Hyppo and I have discussed, that way you can correctly put in your own serial

Hi, I have the same problem. Could you solve it? Can you help me please?

A missing serial number and model number is indicating a refurbished mainboard. As spare part it is supposed to get the data of the broken mainboard.
For this Lenovo offers a utility named Hardware Maintenance Disk. Officially it is for Lenovo stuff only, but google finds also other download possibilities.