[Help] Supermicro X11-SPM-TF Microcode Mod for v3.2 Bios

I have the Supermicro X11-SPM-TF motherboard with a Intel QL1K CPU. I am currently running BIOS v2.1, which I know is the latest version that will work with this ES processor.

I have used the MMTool64.exe to extract the microcode from the v2.1 bios and insert it into the v3.2 bios.

Unfortunately even after updating to this bios, the system will not boot. It continues past the CPU PEI Microcode step (good thing), but stops at "DXE-CSM Initialization"

Does anyone know how to modify the v3.2 BIOS files to work with this Intel QL1K ES chip?

Below link to the v2.1 bios, v3.2 bios, v3.2 with the microcode added for the QL1K chip, and the microcode file for the QL1K.

Thank you!

You can only use 2.1 BIOS with this CPU, other compatibility is removed in 3.x BIOS. You can try SECCore from 2.1 in 3.2 along with your microcode edits, but I think that also fails too due to the removed or blocked ES CPU compatibility in the 3.x of all their BIOS.

Good to know - it’s what I suspected. I need to use UEFI_Tool to replace the SECCore module in my modded microcode v3.2 bios?

Im using the v2.1 bios with a vroc key. Id like to update the RSTe and VROC modules in the v2.1 bios (v5.4) to the modules in the v3.2 bios (rste v6.2). Does anyone know if this will cause any issues or failed boots?

Essentially I want updated RSTe and VROC modules in my v2.1 bios