Help THINKPAD how to clear the white list

Help THINKPAD LA 8133P how to clear the white list
The link is the bios read by the programmer…iew?usp=sharing

@woaiweixiu - What is the BIOS Chip ID, or have you already erased chip before and programmer and was OK? I ask because if you are not using correct software to dump, or write, then write back may fail.

I need to see image of the error on screen when you try to use blocked Wifi card.

I am a maintenance person, and the BIOS is backed up by me. I see that others can directly remove the white list from the BIOS. There is no need to add the white list, and it can be directly replaced with a program that can replace the network card at will. Do n’t know if the altar can tell how to solve it?

@woaiweixiu - You didn’t answer my questions?? And yes, correct, I don’t need to add anything to the white list, only remove/bypass
Give me your backup, and show me image of the error you get when trying to use blocked WIFI card.