Help to clean this file

this is a file witched use ME file
i do not know have to clean this version
not clean.rar (7.8 MB)

EDIT: Should be the same as in D4 15, the author doesnt have spare time from his professional time.
Any encountered issues, post on that thread.

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thank you for response

but there is no any guide for version 16

Maybe you are right
But I still don’t understand how to clean this file
If possible, spend a few minutes of your precious time and clean this file for me

Sry, dont have time for it, this is not easy tasks for inexperienced users, it requires a careful reading and attention to all steps in the procedure, all in user side as this is done on the current SPI system image, but one thing is for sure, the guides from Plutomaniac are the best you’ll find about the this subject, if not the best one for end-user fixes.

here is your file CSME Cleaned
not clean outimage.rar (7.6 MB)