Help to Microcode Adding to Asus GL702ZC Laptop

i want to know if it´s possible to add cpu microcode to support newer ryzen cpu´s for the GL702ZC laptop. It uses an AM4 Socket so that you can change the cpu. Asus sold this machine with the Ryzen 5 1600 or Rayzen 7 1800. Asus did only support for 1st gen ryzen 65W cpu´s. Would it be possible to use newer ryzen cpu´s in this laptop for example a ryzen 5 3600? That would be glorious.

I have made a backup from my current BIOS (v306) with my ch341a programmer. BIOS can be downloade here:
Can someone look at this and help me to change/add agesa microcode to use newer ryen cpu´s?

AGESA is the mother of troubles… not the mcodes itself, dont count on it.