Help to Mod Gigabyte Titan Ridge Thunderbolt Win 10 Driver to work on Win 7

Can anyone please help me to have the AIC card working on Win 7?

i7 9700K
Asus Prime Z390-A
32 Gb Corsair Dominator RAM
WINDOWS 7 x 64

What is the device ID?

Something like PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9A21

@daniel_k :
Tried even older versions but cannot make windows to bite the .ini

Try this:

If it doesn’t work I have another idea.
Only the Windows 7 x64 driver was modified, other files included in case installer check for their presence during install.

"Fatal error during installation"

Edit: Disabled the Device and Enabled it again and looks like works. I will reboot now: finger crossed. If works then I will need the TB software and all done

Update: Rebooted and all good. thank you very much Daniel. Much appreciated. Any idea how to find a TB software that works with that driver?

Glad to know it works.

The fatal error maybe is related to the driver’s co-installer, which runs Setup.msi.

After installing the Thunderbolt controller, did it also install the Thunderbolt™ Networking driver?

To be honest, I don’t have any experience with such high end devices.

@daniel_k :
If installed the Ntw Driver cannot tell.
Installed and old Thunderbolt Software and loaded ok. Now the rest of the job is installing the sound card Thunderbolt drivers and see if works.

Again, I want to thank you for your support and goodwill to help me.

Just check if the Thunderbolt™ Networking device can be found under Network devices in Device Manager.

As it wasn’t modified, Windows should have installed automatically.

You’re very welcome, hope that the driver works reliably and performs as expected!

@daniel_k :
The TB Network Driver Can’t find it. maybe cause the Netw in that computer is disabled
But unfortunately the Soundcard via TB is not detected.

One last try.
If it doesn’t work, I’m afraid there isn’t nothing else to try.

Uninstall the driver, make sure you choose to delete the driver files.

Replace the file in the package you’ve previously downloaded and install the driver.

@daniel_k :
Finally got it working. The system didn’t want it install this new one, saying ‘the best driver is already installed’. Then rebooted all and when windows loaded got the soundcard recognized.
Crazy as it sound. So it is fully working with your first drv version + an old TB Software I found. Very difficult to have it working but it works. Now lets see during the days its stability.

Again master, thanks a lot for your help.


Hi buddy!

If you’re still around, I’d like to know about the reliability/performance of the modified driver. Do you use Thunderbolt devices all the time?

I have used this driver/software on Windows 7. The device worked properly. I have also used software I downloaded from Dell’s webpage and it was unstable. TB3 device kept connecting and disconnecting constantly. This driver here should definitely be kept available for anyone trying to use a TB3 device on Windows 7. Thanks.

Hello. Please post this driver again, link is broken already.
Or maybe, if possible, can make new, for device 15EB and 15EC together ?
Thank You.