[HELP] Toshiba 1135-S155 Amber Lights on power and battery icon when I power on.

I’m repairing my 17 years old pc. 10 years ago, I cannot power on but now, I can power on, but with amber lights. Here are the photos of my pc:



@Lost_N_BIOS @diderius6 @Mov_AX_0xDEAD @IntiMD @Fernando @infuscomus
Can you look at my PC? Can you look at the images? Is there any missing cable connection?

@XPWELL64 : I looked at the (not very clear) pictures and couldn’t detect any missing cable connections.

When I connect the bottommost white cable on the motherboard, I can change the amber color to green or red color.

I threw away my laptop. I’ll buy an XP desktop 1 or 3 years later.

That was indeed a very wise decision.