Help trying to install x86 XP on a haswell laptop

title. I don’t really know what drivers to use, apart from the intel rst driver which is the best one for ahci/sata from what I’ve read. I tried some “combinations” with XP integral edition, but yeah it didn’t end well.
(i5-4210U, 4GB ram with no plan of upgrading and a sata hdd)
btw sorry for my broken engrish.

P.S., I’m installing from USB (made with winsetupfromusb)

edit: yeah… this seems the kind of post that mods don’t really appreciate. too bad that the forum might die, it was the biggest source for anything regarding 2k/xp and 7. the big xp on modern hw thread was removed it seems :confused: tons of information just flew away… I found a working ssd trim software there some time ago (when I was trying to install xp on my main coffee lake rig), but now good luck finding it anywhere else :confused:

edit2: clean xp sp3 iso + rst worked (I’ll stay with ehci for a while)! now it’s time to find allllll the drivers and figure out why tf there is no battery shown even though I’m using the updated acpi.sys 6666