[HELP] Unlock Advanced hidden menu from Insyde bios of Acer Helios 300 315-51-78NP


I’m kind of lost with the way to unlock the Advanced hidden menu and all the settings related of this bios. I made a fresh dump of the untouched version with a SPI programmer. I played a bit with H2OEZE editor to see a preview of these hidden settings but could not get too far. Could you give me an hint to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any help.

Below the link to my bios dump:

Please confirm if this is your stock BIOS download page - https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/su…roduct/7603?b=1
If it is, you are using old BIOS 1.19, latest is 1.26 - checking 1.19 anyway for unlock method, will let you know if I can find.
Please upload a zip of BIOS images, showing one each of the currently visible BIOS sections.

Yes, it is the link to the right model. I would like to know what are the steps to unlock this BIOS or if you can explain what method you’re following.
Below you can find attached zip with the currently visible sections of my BIOS.

Bios_Images.zip (1.71 MB)

@K1t0k0 - Thank you for confirmation on the stock DIOS page.

I will let you know once/if I figure it out. I am using IDA Pro assembly tool to view/edit the setup PE32 module body, once I locate the correct places to edit the file will be edited with hex editor. I’ll show you once I find, and I hate Insyde BIOS especially newer ones, so may not be able to find

Please redo your images, since I see they are all single zips, that’s not for me, sorry not even trying to download as I can tell you had to do that due to the forum 6MB limit. This should all fit into a single zip or rar less than a few MB’s, with room under 6MB for plenty more images than these.
I only need to see the BIOS at a glance, I do not need 2-5MB images of each page in super high resolution. 1000px wide and 500-1000KB or so per image is more than plenty, resize, save as jpg or png etc, whichever is less. Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience. I edited my precedent post to fit your needs.

As you said, the Insyde BIOS is a pain to mod it. Never have this kind of problem with other brands like AMI or Phoenix/Award.

Thank you for the image edit! I can unlock some older Insyde BIOS, sometimes, but more recent ones are a real pain for me. This one made worse by duplicate (but content different) entries for Advanced/Security

Right, AMI/Award is much more user/mod friendly
Really, I’m sure it’s more about what you know/edit more often, I’m sure there is Insyde pro’s out there that can unlock any Insyde BIOS in a second, hopefully someday I can learn all that.

It’s good you have programmer, so you can recover easy from bricks, I’m sure that way I can maybe narrow down the correct edits but it could take many tests. Are you up for that, if yes I have one ready now, let me know.

I agree heartily with your point of view. Learning new skills is always fun. For testing your mods, there is no problem for me.

So you’re OK if you have to recover from brick, more than once even? If yes, I will send a stack of files and we can figure it out pretty quickly I’d imagine

That’s fine for me. I assume the entire responsability in case of bricked BIOS. Thanks again for your support.

@K1t0k0 - be ready to recover, and I would test your programming in your backup first to be sure it’s OK, there is a lot of errors in it but they could be that way from poor BIOS engineering
Testing that will let you know, any other edits you test are only failing due to edits, not the actual backup being bad to begin with.
Here is first test, let me know how it goes, anything new, anything missing, no boot, no enter BIOS etc - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…680027155094639

my dump hello, i am new in this forum and i found this request about a modded bios for acer predator helios 300 model 315-51-78np (same than me) i wanted to ask about how is the progress of the bios i am new in modding bios and iwas wanted help to have acess in unlock tdp of i7 8750h, undervolt and change xmp profile (clocks of memory and latency). thanks

@K1t0k0 - What happened here, did you ever test the files I sent above?

i edit my comment with my full dump, if someone can help and modded it. i let the options i wanted "unlocked".

@Lost_N_BIOS can u help me and tell me if Usb Bios Flash Ch341a works in a model chip (XMC) or if i need a RT809F