Help unlocking bios.

i have a asus ET2010AG. There is a cpu config option under the advanced menu but it is locked. is any one able to help me.
link to bios…010AGT/

@mase2006 - do you have flash programmer, like CH341A? Since this is AMD, often is a pain to flash in mod BIOS, unless certain methods work easily or the system has USB Flashback.
Show me one image of each of your main BIOS pages you can see now, like Main, Advanced, Boot, Save & Exit etc - I just need a quick glance, do not need 3-5MB 4K images - you can probably F12 screenshot to USB, then zip and send to me.

How do you mean locked, show me image of that too if it’s something grayed out. I see “Advanced CPU Control” subsection with three options (Is this what you meant?) >> Cool N Quiet (Enabled) - Dual Core Support (Auto) - SVM Support (Enabled).