[Help] Unlocking the Chipset option on an Apito V Bios

Hey everyone,

I have a laptop from a very weird brand its called “BTO” Also known as “Clevo” I am trying to unlock the chipset menu in the bios but cannot get it to work. I have tried:

AMIBCP -I can see the Setup part and changed it to USER, No luck
I tried exacting the Setup module with MMTool and with UEFITool - Ran it through Universal IFR extractor And got no other form sets other than Setup.
I really don’t know how to proceed I have tried using a hex editor but still nothing, could somebody help me? I know I am flashing the Bios correctly since I have changed the Model tag and it changed in the Bios I cannot attach the Bios since its bigger than 6MB and I am new to the forum so if anyone wants the bios file I guess a DM would work

Thanks in advance