Help Whit NVMe in old motherboard

Hi, sorry for my bad english, I am Francisco from Chile, i need help to make booteable Nvme zotac sonix in crosshair IV Extreme 3012 bios.

This is posible?

@WhatDoYouSee :
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I am not sure, whether it will be possible to make any Zotac Sonix NVMe SSD bootable with your AMD system.
Have you already asked the manufacturer of the SSD, if the SSD Controller Chip contains an NVMe Option ROM module?
Furthermore I could not find the BIOS v3012 at the ASUS support page for the Crosshair IV Extreme.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Sorry is 3027 bios update

Thanks for the correction.
I am sorry, but I cannot help you.
1. Your mainboard has a non-UEFI BIOS. That is why it doesn’t support any EFI module, which may be inserted according >this< guide.
2. There are no NVMe Option ROM modules available, which can be inserted into the mainboard BIOS.
The only chance to get the NVMe SSD bootable is, that the SSD itself contains a suitable NVMe Option ROM module. You should ask the Zotac Support.

thanks, receipt in a few hours , and if you 'll check at least recognize , i buy it used to 200USD, in chile is around 500 USD in store.

Or buy this?