[Help] with a ASUS X55A-119SX Bios Flash (CH341A programmer)

I hope everything is alright with you guys.

First of all, thank you very much for the forum, they are fantastic, very informative.
I have read a few treread but I have a little problem when trying to program my BIOS.
Starting at the beginning, I have an Asus X55A-119X that needed to update the bios (for V.417), I started to do it, but my little son disconnected the laptop from the power when WinFlash was in the “erase” phase. In other words, the laptop has become a paperweight.
I don’t have much experience in electronics, I study here and there. So I decided that since everything was already lost, to acquire the CH341A, with an alligator claw.
Here the problems begin, I have already downloaded all the software versions available on the web, I try all step-by-step, but all of them always give some error.

CHIP is a Winbond 25Q64FVSIG 1227, MB is an X55A Main Board Rev. 2.1.
When using the latest version CH341A_V1.1.1.33 it is the one that gives hope, as it is more recent, but when reading the eprom it only detects in the field memory size: 512 bytes and the size of page 4byte which makes it impossible to place the bios made available by Asus (sent in attachment to take a look).

I would love to recover this laptop, and I feel that I am doing something wrong. Along I send other errors of the other versions:

CH341A_V1.18: When I click detect half of the epron information appears (send photo)
CH341A_V1.29: When I click detect, more information appears, but when loading the file and clicking on automatic it gives the message (sending photo)
CH341A_V1.30: When I click detect it gives an error (send photo)
CH341a_V1.34: When I click detect, more information appears, but when clicking check it gives an error (sending photo)
CH341A_V1.41: Neither locates the Chip (send photo)

I do as other thread step-by-step, connect to a USB3 port, I tried it on USB2 too. I’m afraid I’m doing something wrong, because I always have a hard time putting the claw on.
Can you give a hand?
I already thank you very much. And reinforcement forum have been fantastic.
Last question, the BIOS file can be the manufacture? On Asus site I download the BIOS file, the 417, and the first release.

Thanks very much & sorry about my bad English (I’m from Portugal)

I forgot to say… if the thread is in a wrong place let know to move or create other.

Please can anyone help me?

Your chip sin’t difficult to read it’s mostly clamp position.

Did you backup your chip? If not do so. Read it so often until you get 3 identical read, then you know the clip is sitting correctly.

Asus file is just bios region, missing flash descriptor, ME firmware, (GbE). So you have to coombine it with parts of old firmware. In addition a bios update dosen’t delete NVRAM/ board specific information like serial, MAC address… Static parts of bios region would be very easy to restore…

I’d use ASprogrammmer 1.41, but again it’s most probably soic clip positioning.

Read the chip until you get 3 identical files with correct length, post them.

Hi there,

I was able to program the bios… but after assembly the MB the pc don’t turn on… the bios file I get from asus support, there is a lot of updates, so I take one of that…
In your opinion wath was going wrong?

About the CH341, was with defect in the cables, I have to eliminate one of the pin (Nº8), like I see in other threat.

By the awy, soory for mu bad English.