Help with a P5Q Deluxe for 771 with stuck modules

Hello all,

I am about to build a PC with a good old P5Q Deluxe motherboard.
I have flashed it with the a modded bios compatible with 771 Xeons.
I am using two Intel SSD so I am ok with Trim as I am using SSD Toolbox, nevertheless the Intel RST module is very old (version 8…) and I want to update it to the recommended one wich seems to be the gently posted by Fernando.
Problem is that CBROM 1.99 (or any other) is not able to properly read the P5Q modded rom I am using. No matter what, the /D command takes forever.
Could someone please update that single rom module for me somehow?

Attached the file.
Thank you so much…

P5Q.rar (1.09 MB)

@uazzamerican - Where do you see 11.2 being compatible with this board? Please link. From this thread, it looks like 10.1 is the highest you should use - BIOS modding success/failure overview
"success TRIM in RAID0 works fine / success no problems / success works great, later Intel RAID ROM no go / success with newer/bigger ROMs no go"

Cbrom 115-155, or maybe 195 would be best for any modifications on this BIOS, but I would have to check myself to be sure. I would not use 198-199 or higher for this old of a chipset/BIOS.

If the /d command takes anymore than a few seconds that means cbrom is not compatible with that BIOS, or that version of cbrom is not compatible.
Checking BIOS now, will update to v10.1.0.1008 w/ TRIM Mod since it’s smaller than the 120KB Plus ones that I know cause issues with 64kb original size BIOS (stock rom 64KB, 10.1 = 85kb)…476353576577390

If you have a flash programmer, you can test 10.5-11.2, well I guess you can now without one, but if it fails (the larger 100KB+ orom) you will not be able to load your disks or RAID Array and you will need to reflash some other BIOS.
Plus, it’s already confirmed in the above thread others have tried larger and they do not work

There’s your problem, this is AMI BIOS, you have to use MMTool 3.22-3.26, BIOS mod done link is above

First thank you.
Second, here the link with the statement that I should use 11… for ich10r


You’re welcome @uazzamerican - Thanks for the link, that info is “In general” not for your specific board. Many older boards like yours with originally small RAID Roms can only use certain size RAID roms.
Larger ones 10.5 and above have already been tested and known to not work in your specific board, this is common with older BIOS that had the small roms to begin with, nothing we can do to fix this now that manufacturers wont help update these old BIOS