HELP with ACER aspire 3 reset BIOS password

Hi, I have an aspire3 A315-32 that came with original bios ver. 1.10

I used my laptop to work sometimes so I put a password on the bios access…

ONE week ago from today I was surfing the net and I saw that my

acer could do an bios update so I didit…wrong MOVE.

The update, to ver 1.15, was ok no trouble AT ALL

I needed to see the changes that the new bios had made so

when it came to digit the password the password is not correct

and I tried and tried but nothing, I use the same bios password for

a long time. and know it doesn’t let me in…it gives me after the third attempt a

number that’s suppose to generate a master code that unblocks the bios.

So, here I’m

Is there any way it can be solved?

Thankyou to all replies

sorry for my horrible english