help with ch341a and unlock bios

hello guys, i wish everyone fine
I have a laptop… Razer and I want to unlock the bios… (locked from the company) I bought ch341a and I was able to extract the bios… but the problem is that the bios format is here “.bin” and I can’t open it with the AMIBCP application … because it does not accept this format … Is it Is there any solution? Thanks in advance guys

Yes… identify the bios vendor, AMI, PHOENIX, INSYDE.
AMIBCP its only for AMI Core Aptio IV/V, mainly Aptio IV.

EDIT: AMI Core Aptio V, so AMIBCP wont make any changes on it, and its better to put a request on the aproprieate sub-topic as you have no experience in this subject or maybe even dont know the risks that you’ll take with mods.

BIOS Modding Requests

thank you so much Well I’m new with this, it’s my first time…
My bios is like this (photo from YouTube) the same laptop and bios| i think AMI