Help with Disabling RPAT

HWINFO is showing that my pc has RPAT enabled is there is any way to disable it since my machine doesnet support AMT
Asus support gave me no clear answer on this topic just said the my mb dosent support it and ended chat with me

-MB : ASUS Z590-p
-ME ENGINE : 2204.2.62.0
-Me firmware :

Thanks in advance

Last time it’s an configurable item in FITc was ME 5 / ICH10, disappeared in ME6. Can’t imagine that this capability should still exist in ME 15…

Sadly its still there
I saw alot of tools but all of them supports up to v8 or 9 is it safe to use them ?

I don’t consider HwInfo the most qualified tool regarding CSME capabilities. Maybe the meaning of the configuration bytes changed with ME versions and HwInfo might not translate absolutely correct according to version development.

Sound like chasing ghosts to me.

recommend any thing else beside HWINFO ?..i mean better chasing ghosts than being huanted by them XD

Not sure why they list the status byte of a deprecated feature which now is reserved with the old features name…