Help with EVGA Classified SR-2 (OROM updates -Microcode updates - Bios options unlock)

Hi gentelman from

I need some help with some updates for the EVGA Classified SR-2 current status:

- The OROM updates
i need some help to choose the best oroms for
Intel RAID (the board have a IOH 5520 ICH10R) the original version is
Jmicrom RAID/ESATA (the bios have 2 oroms one with id 2363 and 2362) the original version is 1.06.79 (the orom from the oroms thread i cant find the info to hex edit the orom
Marvell LAN PXE ( i have done the OROM update from to OKAY!

- The bios unlock options
for some reason using the amibcp 3.4.6 when i unhide the options cause some glitches on the bios (like some information is missing and some options like set the fan to 100 the option show as 256?

- The microcodes updates are so far easy i´m using mmtool 3.2.6 and replacing the outdated microdes for the new ones

Any help to conclude its very appreciated!