Help with moding an old AMI BIOS. MCP73VT-PM, GeForce7050 / 610i (MCP73V)

I thought of upgrade my kids computer for Christmas because he is now having a Celeron D 346 on a ASRock 775Dual-915GV with 2GB DDR2-800.

So I got a MCP73VT-PM motherboard from a Packard Bell IMEDIA B2630NC free from a friend.

I googled around to look for best parts and ordered a LGA 771 to 775 MOD Adapter Sticker for Intel XEON and a Intel Xeon E5450 3 GHz Quad-Core SLBBM processor, info here:

And I got Corsair DDR2 800MHz 2X2GB (PC6400) CL5 XMS2 from an old not working computer.

I installed my Radeon HD6990, but got no picture, but when I used an older GPU I got picture.
Memory at 667MHz not 800MHz, no options what so ever in the bios. Still using Intel® Celeron® 450, no Xeon delivered yet.

There is no update bios for this so I am hoping to get some help here, I only get one shot because it is a single soldered BIOS chips and I do not want to brick my card.

What I want in the BIOS:
support for 800MHz memory,
support for my Radeon HD6990,
Xeon support (if there is not now),
Overclock options. (now there is none)

I can upload my bios If you need it, I don’t find it online.

Single chipset: GeForce7050 / 610i (MCP73V)
Motherboard name on the sticker MCP73VT-PM, if I remove the sticker the name is MCP73T-AM.
Similar motherboards: GF7050VT-M5, GF7050VT-M.

I read someone tried the bios for the GF7050VT-M and bricked the card.

So please help me, I am an afraid I will brick the card if I try modding the bios on my own.

@sabelstrom :
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I am sorry, but I cannot help you, because I am not an expert regarding your BIOS modding problem.
Nevertheless I hope, that you will get support by somebody else.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

I now know that my chipset do not support 800MHz RAM.
The GPU support cant be fixed via BIOS.
I have made support for the new processor by editing the BIOS.

Now there is only unlock the BIOS for OC, is that something you know how to do?

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There are allot guides around here for AMI BIOS, if there are no overclock options the only thing you could do is examining the bios, and see if there are any hidden options.
However, The OEM boards are not designed to OC so don’t do it.

- Low Power Phases
- Lag of cooling on the chipsets
- And more