Help with unlocking Toshiba C855D-S5320 BIOS Advanced settings

Hello all,

I’m trying to get the “Advanced” menu and the “Power” menu on my Toshiba C855D-S5320, since there are a couple things that I believe are in those menus that I’d like to change, plus the fan isn’t spinning at all and is really throttling the CPU. It has “Advanced” and “Power Management” but I looked at the SetupUtility and there’s another set of them with many more options. It has InsydeH20 BIOS (rev 3.7) and I tried all of the usual things (Fn+Tab, F10+A) and nothing worked, so I decided to take it into my own hands. I got as far as extracting the Forms in SetupUtility and modify offsets with grub but I’m really having trouble with the menus themselves (I’d like to have easy access to the menus so I don’t have to search a gargantuan file anytime I want to change a setting). I think it might be the “suppress if: {0a 82}” entries that are making them hidden but I have no idea how those translate into hex values and honestly it’s starting to reach the edges of my technical ability. Can anybody help me? I’d prefer to not have to modify and flash the BIOS and just use setup_var in grub but if I really have to, I will.

My SetupUtility dump is attached.

Thanks to anybody that can help!

FE3542FE-C1D3-4EF8-657C-8048606FF670_376 IFR.txt (162 KB)

@alsoran , hi! A mod for the same BIOS was done here. Install by running InsydeFlash.

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much @Sweet_Kitten ! I never would’ve found that on my own. It worked perfectly and now I’ve got all kinds of options!

I may have spoken too early. Windows reports a ACPI_BOOT_ERROR when booting so I’m not sure that BIOS is compatible. Since I need Windows to even get back to the old version, I’m pretty much stuck here, and I can’t even get into my BIOS setup now. Loaded setup defaults, seemed to fix it. Will use trial and error to see what messed it up.