Help! with z390 aorus ultra bios f9 HPET SETTINGS

  1. Method same x4 3.0…
    2. On slot 2 (x8) card runs fine at x8 3.0 (with nvme). I will try another card :slight_smile: on pcie 1 x16 slot.

    I tried old gpu AMD Radeon RX 480 at slot 1. cmos clear+plug in than start but my mobo cant detect this gpu. (at slot 2 works good at 8x)

    I tried 1 slot install AMD Radeon RX 480 and another 8x slot gtx 1080 and both work, but 1 slot running at x4 :/.

    Probably i need to rma mobo

Yes, sounds like there may be some issue with slot #1 then. Did you try cleaning cards gold finger with alc, and blow out slot to make sure no dust in there causing issue?

yes, the first thing i tried was gpu and mobo gold contacts clean up with alc