[HELP] XPS 13 9343 No POST

Hey everyone,

I recently purchased a broken notebook off craigslist thinking I may be able to save it from landfill. When trying to start the laptop, the power LED turns on, but besides that, there are no signs of life. When I click the power button to turn it off, the fan spins and the laptop shuts off. The built in display test also works, but besides this, there is no other life from the laptop. Someone else in the forums had the same issues as me and solved it by reflashing their BIOS. I tried the same thing, but I still get the same issue (not sure if the dumped BIOS off the random forum is at the correct FW revision for it to work or anything like that). I dumped the original BIOS before I reflashed, if that’s useful at all. I am new to all this BIOS flashing especially with all this boot guard stuff. I figured that if anyone could help, it would be the people on this forum.

TL;DR - XPS13 doesnt post, but display diagnostics work. No POST beeps. Seemingly a BIOS issue, but could be actual hardware issue. Need help finding a BIOS to flash.


I have a spare 9343 motherboard available. Last year I upgraded the XPS 13 9343 to a 9350 for the sake of nvme support and more ram plus faster Cpu. Only downside was my battery life went to hell. Anyhow PM if your interested in it.

Im definitely interested. Can’t currently send PMs it seems (probably because I don’t have enough posts/because I made this account today.

Woot, gained PM’ing permissions. It was probably just a 24 hour waiting period from registration time.